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Cloud Printing


While many aspects of our workplaces have gone digital, sometimes you still need to put ink to paper and print documents as part of your workflows. However, running a print server comes with a number of challenges and costs to your business.

If you want to save time and reduce your IT overheads, your business should make the switch from using print servers to cloud printing.

What is Cloud Printing?

Today, most businesses use print servers, a software application commonly used to manage print requests and manage printer information for users to support their print needs. However, cloud printing offers a range of benefits for businesses.

Cloud printing connects digital devices such as smartphones or laptops with printer stations, giving users the ability to print from any device on the network via the cloud. No more setting up driver installations for print servers!

The Benefits of Cloud Printing Solutions

With cloud printing, users can access greater flexibility and personalisation than traditional printing services, which can often be slowed down by software driver problems, compatibility issues and device connectivity challenges.

Another benefit of cloud printing for businesses is this technology’s ability to facilitate printing from any device to any printer in seconds, no matter what operating system the device is using (for example, Android or Apple). This, in turn, can reduce costs because you do not need to invest in devices specifically to support your print system — everyone can use their own!

By sending documents via the cloud, it improves reliability when compared to traditional print servers, regardless of the device in use or their location.

Your cloud printing solution can be hosted either on your premises or hosted on your behalf by an established third party — meaning you avoid the added costs of setting up and managing your own IT infrastructure. Outsourcing your cloud printing needs can also help you save by only paying for what you use and benefit from economies of scale, which translates to lower pay-as-you-go pricing for your business.

In the post-pandemic world, where we are more conscious than ever of providing touchless workflows, cloud printing solutions also offer the ability to scan, copy or print using personal devices without touching the printer panel.

By synching your cloud printing system with Office 365, Google Workspace or your workplace software of choice, it’s also quick and simple to onboard new users and guests, saving you and your clients or partners valuable time.

Concerned about security? Cloud printing also offers you the ability to keep your documents secure, protecting them before, during and after printing. You’ll have total transparency of your printing job, as well as copied and scanned documents.

Further, you can use cloud printing to reduce your carbon footprint! Up to a whopping 12% of print jobs sit uncollected. With a cloud printing system, you can track user behaviour to identify where you can reduce waste, remind users to print double-sided or using black and white ink, and catch common printing mistakes, such as users inputting the wrong number of copies to print.

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