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Managed Print Services for schools


Control your print infrastructure with Managed Print Services

Digital technology has become a powerful asset in the learning sector; it offers opportunities to simplify existing tasks while revolutionising problem-solving strategies across the board. Education supported by IT technologies is an essential element in ensuring students become digitally literate and competitive in their future careers in modern workplaces.

The UK has been widely regarded as a leader in the adoption of digital technology in schools, but this status has come at a steep price. In total, schools across the UK spend close to £900 million on EdTech each year – the typical expenditure for a medium-sized school being around £400,000.

Looking at these figures, it comes as no surprise that schools, academies and universities are constantly striving for greater efficiency in their IT operations. Yet even though document management and printing are essential elements of the teaching and learning systems, many educational facilities are still failing to adopt smart technologies to optimise these processes and reduce operational costs.

Many schools are paying up to £200,000 over five years for photocopying, the Government has said. Other research shows that up to one million sheets of paper are being used per school, per year.

Cost Breakdowns

The cost of running printers and Multi Function Products (MFPs) is much more than the purchase price of the actual machine. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is influenced by the price of ink or toner used, how often it needs changing, and the type of paper used, as well as general maintenance costs and the cost of replacement components. Together, these elements amount to thousands of pounds.

Further, the amount of time wasted on printing, scanning, copying or faxing documents with outdated or poorly configured machines is just the tip of the iceberg, as their ensuing frustration leads to heavy demands on the IT departments responsible for installing and fixing printing devices and systems.

In fact, around 23%3 of helpdesk calls relate to printing issues. This means that IT specialists spend almost a quarter of their time fixing these problems, which reduces their ability to implement or uphold an overall IT strategy.

Fortunately, reining in expenses and getting the most out of the school’s printing systems is achievable and needn’t cost the earth. The key step is to outsource the management of your printing services to professionals who will take from you the burden of analysing usage and finding the print service package that best suits your needs – in other words, to start using a Managed Print Service (MPS) from Dolphin Tec. The benefits you can expect are increased efficiency, reduced printing costs and streamlined document management.

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What is a Managed Print Service?

A Managed Print Service (MPS) is a service from Dolphin Tec is specifically designed to streamline print activities, remove burdens and optimise the overall print environment. It allows users to reduce total printing costs, improve workflow and reduce overheads by not only providing ongoing management, but also monitoring and machine service and support, both onsite and remotely.

By shifting the management of a school’s printer fleet to Dolphin Tec, all of the onerous service and support issues are outsourced, which frees up time for staff to improve learning experiences for pupils. MPS specialists can also develop software solutions to suit your particular educational establishment and monitor the environmental impact of your printing fleet. They can help uncover the hidden costs associated with copiers, printers, scanners and faxes, as well as identifying cost-saving opportunities throughout your entire organisation.

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