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Photocopier Leasing & Renting


Leasing a photocopier could provide significant benefits for your company. Learn how a choice like this will impact a business and why it might be the right decision.

Keeping capital expenditure low in a business model provides serious benefits. It keeps your company efficient and competitive against rivals in any industry. As such, it’s important to assess and eliminate the greatest costs in your business model.

Photocopiers often represent a massive expense for the typical business. The average photocopier can cost anywhere over £1,000! So, how can you eliminate or significantly reduce the cost for this crucial piece of equipment in your business model?

Instead of spending a fortune on a photocopier, you could lease one instead. Leasing allows you to use a photocopier on a contract without purchasing one upfront. Leasing a photocopier provides significant advantages. First, that heavy cost disappears and is replaced by a more management payment plan. Services costs are greatly reduced too which can add to the bills that you incur here. However, saving money isn’t the only benefit of leasing a copier.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

If you buy a photocopier in your business model, you will want to ensure that you get the most use out of it. It’s likely that you’ll keep it for years but that’s a problem. Research suggests that the average life expectancy of a standard photocopier is approximately five years. After this, it will develop faults and issues that will slow down any processes involving this equipment. If you use your photocopier on a daily basis, this could result in thousands of lost minutes every year. That is going to impact overall productivity levels in your business.

Leasing a photocopier will ensure that you always have the latest model or a fully serviced piece of equipment. You can avoid the faults that arrive with older pieces of equipment as they continue to age. You can even upgrade the device once you have progressed through your lease.

Don’t forget, leasing a photocopier will also ensure you can access a high-end piece of equipment that would have likely been out of your price range.

Reduce Your Startup Costs

Are you thinking about buying a photocopier as part of the setup for a new business? If so, then leasing a photocopier could be a smarter choice. The costs of a new company are already higher than you can reasonably afford. Many businesses fail in their first year because the costs are too much to bear. 

Leasing a photocopier provides a fantastic opportunity to immediately avoid an expensive upfront cost that will eat into your startup budget.

A Scalable Solution

Leasing a photocopier will provide a scalable option that can be fitted around your specific business model. The price you pay is determined by the specifications of the machine that you select as well as the printing volume expected from your company. As such, the price of a lease can differ dramatically depending on the size of your company and your individual requirements. 

Buy a photocopier and you will be paying the same price as a larger company. The difference is that they will find it easier to afford an option like this.

A Flexible Possibility

Choose the right photocopier leasing service and you will be able to pick from a wide range of different devices and pieces of equipment. From free standing units to desktop devices, there is a massive selection of photocopiers available on your market. As mentioned, you will likely be able to afford a device that wouldn’t have fitted your budget if you were purchasing it outright.

What Should You Consider When Leasing a Photocopier?

If you do decide to lease a photocopier, you should consider the terms of the contract. Check that the length of the contract makes sense for your purposes and do explore different solutions to find the right price for a service like this. You should also consider if insurance is included for the device or if you will need to pay an extra fee. Insurance is a smart choice for any business owner. It can save you paying additional costs if anything happens to the equipment.  

If you are interested in learning more about photocopier leasing solutions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We can help arrange a leasing contract that provides the vital benefits that you need for your business model and will discuss all the options with you.

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